At Pitch, we love a good story. 

As media and communications specialists, we also understand how good storytelling can make an impact.

We deliver clever, creative, authentic communications campaigns, drawing out powerful, surprising and often untold stories.

Working with established and emerging leaders across politics, culture and the media, we seek to amplify hidden voices and those we believe contribute to a nuanced, smart public conversation.

Our campaigns are dynamic and hit their targets because we know who to contact, when and with which story.

Our dedicated team of storytellers, media experts and content creators offer thoughtful and honest strategy and solutions for increasing visibility and representation.

Pitch offers a holistic communications service. We prepare our clients for what to expect and coach them through the process.

With a deep interest in arts and culture, social policy, advocacy and current affairs, we work with a range of clients spanning government departments, public institutions, universities, arts organisations, books and publishing, and not for profits.

Our extensive experience and the diversity of our client list, project stakeholders, talent and network of creative collaborators means we have real reach and outsized impact.


Who we are

Formed in 2016, Pitch grew from the desire to build collaboration and agency into our working lives. Out of this, we have naturally taken on projects that matter to us and created a team of professionals passionate about communication that makes an impact. 

Amplifying underrepresented voices, highlighting issues of gender and equity, public-minded initiatives, creativity and unexpected innovation, and challenging the status quo are all hallmarks of work that excites us.

We love working in, and with, the ever-changing, ever-challenging media. We pride ourselves on strong relationships, knowledge of the cultural landscape and keeping up with the news cycle. 

We consider ourselves privileged to work with experts from a wide variety of fields – scientists, journalists, artists, authors, advocates, publishers, academics and educators – who value communication in their work, and how we amplify it.

We enjoy building teams around client needs and thrive on collaboration with like-minded peers and clients.


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Bec Bridges
Senior Publicist/Communications Specialist

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Claire Teggin

To enquire about our services, please email contact@pitchprojects.com.