Chantelle Otten – The Sex Ed You Never Had
Chantelle Otten photographed by Lady Drewniak.

With numerous awards, accolades and published medical journal articles under her belt, sexologist Chantelle Otten expanded her work to empower people to understand and feel great about their sexual health into a breakout book, The Sex Ed You Never Had.

Pitch was thrilled to design and manage a media campaign that helped Chantelle speak openly in the media about taboos, sex and pleasure, demystifying our anatomies, the importance of consent and safety, and the need for shame-free sex education that is inclusive of all genders, abilities and sexual identities. This highly successful campaign saw Chantelle on the cover of Body + Soul and The Australian’s Review, plus features in Vogue Australia online, Mamamia, GQ Australia and Men’s Health Australia among many other interviews and stories.

Services included:

Media strategy + outreach
Campaign coordination