Australian Climate Case

Grata Fund is Australia’s only specialist non-profit strategic litigation incubator and funder. Grata develops, funds, and builds sophisticated campaign architecture around strategic litigation brought by people and communities in Australia. They focus on cases and campaigns that might resolve systemic gridlocks across human rights, climate action and democratic freedoms – removing the enormous financial barriers to court and supporting people and communities facing injustice.

Most recently, Pitch worked with Grata Fund on the media campaign for the Australian Climate Case, drawing attention to Uncle Paul Kabai and Uncle Pabai Pabai’s appearance at COP27 in Egypt. The campaign generated media coverage about the Uncles’ appearance and their message for world leaders at COP27, and built relationships with key climate journalists from around the globe.

Pitch first worked with Grata Fund on the successful Palace Letters Case and continues to provide strategic messaging, media outreach and campaign coordination on key projects. We share Grata Fund’s aims and values and our work to date has been some of the most rewarding and important for our team.

Services included:

Strategic messaging

Communications consultation

Media strategy + outreach

Campaign coordination

Interview prep/talent support