Does your publicity team need a boost? Some extra training? Fresh perspective?

Pitch Projects is now running book publicity boot camp sessions.

Whether you’re a small publisher wearing many hats and trying to run a publicity campaign or managing a team of publicists with little time to train new staff, the Pitch Boot Camp is professional development that comes with practical outcomes and learnings. We can even use real life book campaigns as case studies and ensure you get something back. 

Our team of experts brings over 20 years’ experience in publishing and book publicity.

The Boot Camp includes the following and can be tailored to your needs:

  • Tips to crafting a compelling pitch to media
  • Writing media releases that capture wide attention in the general media
  • Structuring publicity strategies to ensure a strong and smooth campaign roll out
  • Author management skills
  • Explainer on the ever-changing media landscape

The Pitch Boot Camps offer a full suite of training and bespoke workshops catering for all levels – from entry level publicists, publicists moving into the next level or publishers or department managers who want more insight into the impact of publicity campaigns.

For more information and for boot camp fees, please get in touch:
contact@pitchprojects.com or call 0409 011 092.

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