Australian Foreign Affairs journal

Australian Foreign Affairs is the country’s leading foreign affairs journal and is a sister publication of the Quarterly Essay series, another ongoing client of Pitch. Published three times a year, each issue examines the most significant global issues affecting Australia. 

Pitch works with the Australian Foreign Affairs team and the essayists to build awareness in key audiences of foreign affairs specialists, public servants and academics and the interested general reader. Our campaigns develop targeted messaging for these audiences that are then integrated into a cohesive media and events strategy. Each campaign focuses on the individual theme of the issue – for instance, Taiwan, China, the rise of autocracy, climate, India, Australia’s defence – and draws out all the possible media opportunities for the lead essays. We also ensure that the opportunities work seamlessly with one another and the essayists available time and time zone.

Services included:

Strategic messaging

Media strategy + outreach

Campaign coordination

Talent support

Event coordination

“Anna is clever, thoughtful, strategic, and reliable – she and the Pitch Projects team are a delight to work with. They understand marketing, writing, the media, and events, and how to magically blend these to produce sharp, targeted publicity.”
Jonathan Pearlman, Australian Foreign Affairs