In The National Interest

As ardent policy and politics fans, Pitch was excited to be involved in launching Monash University Publishing’s bold new series ‘In the National Interest’. Helping to raise awareness and develop an audience, we created media that spoke to the series’ origins including its aim to connect experts and the general reader, profiling the publishing house and delving into each important topic. Underpinning our interest in this series is our belief in the importance of expertise, rhetoric and good information in tackling the issues of our times.

So far, In the National Interest authors have interrogated leadership in modern politics, Australia’s role in our region, managing a pandemic, gender affairs, the role of the public service, and many other vital issues. Since the launch in March 2021, Pitch has created impactful publicity campaigns for an incredible line-up of authors, such as Kevin Rudd, Bill Bowtell, Samantha Crompvoets, Martin Parkinson, Jenny Macklin and Kate Thwaites, Kate FitzGibbon, Fiona McCleod, Michael Bradley, Rachel Doyle and more.

Services included:

Media strategy + outreach

Campaign coordination

Social media strategy

Talent support

Event coordination

“King and Kluska combined are a dream team: smart, efficient and always professional.”
Louise Adler, Publisher