La Mama Theatre
La Mama 2021 reopening, photographed by Darren Gill.

Pitch has worked with Melbourne’s beloved La Mama Theatre since the start of the fundraising campaign to rebuild after the tragic fire in 2018 that destroyed the iconic building. Supporting the La Mama team to rebuild this artist centred space was a privilege and a joy. The national publicity campaign and fundraising drive worked to harness the love for the theatre into tangible investment and maintain La Mama’s public profile during this challenging period of transition.

Just over three years later, we helped start the next chapter for La Mama with new stories and a beautiful new building bursting with talent. La Mama HQ made her long-awaited return with a grand reopening in December 2021 and the War-Rak/Banksia Festival. Pitch’s carefully created campaign focused on the future of La Mama while honouring her rich past and recognising core supporters and audience who saw her through the Rebuild period.

In 2023, Pitch supported La Mama with the announcement of Liz Jones’ retirement as Artistic Director and co-CEO, and the beginning of her much-deserved position as La Mama elder. Pitch helped to secure interviews and profiles for radio, print and digital media in celebration of Liz’s 50 years at La Mama and the indelible mark she’s left on the organisation as a stalwart of independent theatre.

Services included:

Media strategy + outreach

Campaign coordination

Talent support/interview preparation