Exhibitions & Commemorations

The Shrine is Victoria’s home of commemoration and one of Melbourne’s most iconic sites. Much-loved and revered, it hosts a diverse range of events, activities and exhibitions beyond its most famous commemorations, the Dawn Service and Remembrance Day. Pitch has created media campaigns that pick up and develop the many strands and individual stories contained within this incredible building – highlighting the depth of programming, very human experiences of war and service, and the Shrine’s relevance to the whole community.

For Remembrance Day in 2022, ABC TV told the story behind the Shrine’s crypt casket restoration and the thousands of individual donations that funded the building of the Shrine. Soon after, a story on the Shrine’s exhibition Tours de Force: Entertainers on the front line appeared on the page of The Sunday Age.

Highlights from earlier campaigns with the Shrine have also included ABC Radio Melbourne’s feature show on the Secret History of the Shrine, a Ch 9 TV news package for street artists and veterans whose work is featured in the exhibition Between Two Worlds and a beautiful story in The Age returning an 106 year old diary to the family of the writer.

Services included:

Media strategy + outreach

Strategic messaging

Talent management/interview prep