YourGround & HyperSext City
Hypersext City exhibition, 2021, photographed by Brett Brown. Image courtesy of XYX Lab.

Monash University’s XYX Lab was one of Pitch’s first clients and a longtime collaborator on campaigns around gender and equity. XYX Lab are Australia’s world-first research lab on space, gender and design. 

Pitch helped promote their award-winning exhibition HyperSext City, and designed and executed the campaign for YourGround crowdmap. YourGround was created by XYX Lab and CrowdSpot to crowdsource the perceptions of safety of women and gender-diverse people while using public space for health and wellbeing. 

The YourGround strategy capitalised on the channels of the 25 government partners. We also executed a publicity campaign that included careful ambassador and talent preparation to ensure we spoke to the right demographic and portrayed relatable human experiences. 

More than more than 6,000 public submissions were made by women and gender-diverse people across Victoria. Designed so as to maintain momentum through the three months the map was open, the campaign also made a splash in the media with the final report.

In 2022, the project was awarded Monash University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

Services included:

Strategic messaging

Communications strategy

Media strategy + execution

Campaign coordination

Talent support/Interview preparation

“Pitch Projects has been key to XYX Lab’s accelerated success in the media across a number of projects since 2016. They have allowed us to surface the stories and issues from people whose voice is not always heard and understood innately where our work sits at the intersection between design, social justice and innovation.”
Dr Nicole Kalms, Monash University’s XYX Lab